Increasing profit margins for farmers

With our forecasting technology, farmers can optimize their irrigation practices, get in-situ evapotranspiration, carefully track frost and heat spike risk, improve pest and disease management, and optimize labor scheduling, resulting in a better bottom line.

Benchmark Labs Agriculture

We enable better agricultural decisions by delivering real-time in-field observations that are used to improve operational efficiencies and by offering site-specific forecasts to aid resource planning.


Receive real-time alerts so you can stay ahead of the game

Our in-situ forecasting system can provide relevant alerts on current and future conditions like frost events, heat spikes, pest and disease pressure, and hazardous spraying conditions.

Benchmark Labs Agriculture Alerting
Benchmark Labs Agriculture Historical Data


Access relevant historical data

In addition to current and forecast conditions, we also provide access to field-specific real-time and historical weather data so you can benchmark the current growing season against past years.

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