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Benchmark Labs is a leading provider of AI & IoT-driven weather forecasting solutions for the agriculture, energy, and land management sectors. Tired of looking in the rearview mirror? We can help you reduce your operating costs using our proprietary machine-learning software to provide precise asset-specific weather forecasting.

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Water use and demand, growing degree days, pest, frost & heat forecasting.

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Wind speed, solar radiation, cloud cover forecasts for energy operations.

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Land Management

Historical and real-time data and analytics for scheduling.

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Keep the big picture in focus, add AI power to your forecast

Our patent-pending technology provides asset-specific information for your location of interest, not average conditions over a broader area. Our machine learning algorithms continuously improve your forecasts as more data is recorded in-situ. Your asset, your forecast!


Asset-specific decisions, based on reliable statistics

Our patent-pending technology provides localized forecasting using in-situ data from your site. We can improve the accuracy of your weather forecast by as much as 50% relative to existing products. Better accuracy leads to better planning and reduced operating costs.

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Why Benchmark

Intelligent Insights

Created by experts for everyday users. We bring the best available scientific tools and datasets to improve our users’ decision-making process.

Personalized Attention

We provide asset-specific weather forecasts for the agricultural sector and other fixed asset verticals.

Team Work

We operate in an environment defined by collaboration and continuous improvement. Those characteristics are also embedded in our forecasts.


Modern weather models produce forecasts for grid cells, but not for specific locations within grid cells. As a result, forecasts are often inaccurate and can lead to significant financial losses.


We make Benchmark

Our co-founders have more than 15 years working with land surface flux measurements, terrestrial water budgets, soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer scheme modeling, hydro-informatics, atmospheric sciences, machine learning and commercial agriculture.

Carlos Gaitan Benchmark Labs

Carlos Gaitan

CEO & Co-Founder


Tom Cuppernull

Chief Product Officer

Ulrik Soderstrom Benchmark Labs

Ulrik Soderstrom

Chief Strategy + Operations Officer & Co-Founder

Benchmark Labs Christopher Lund

Christopher Lund

Co-Founder (In Memory Of)

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