Today’s farmers can benefit from specific farming apps designed for those who want maximum yield for their efforts and/or decrease challenges in the field or the office. This article will explore a few of the best farming apps and how they can help with many of your crop production tasks.

The best farming apps increase efficiency

Large and small businesses use specialized smart applications to save time and increase profitability. Smart apps reduce the margin of error, carry out accurate calculations and help us stay on top of communications with vendors, logistics providers, and buyers. Farming is a business, so you need to utilize the available technology to stay competitive. With farming, it’s not just the economic climate that’s difficult to predict. Therefore, they have to be flexible enough to operate profitably regardless of the weather.

The best farming apps for farmers will remove a lot of guesswork and provide solid answers to critical questions regarding soil conditions, weather predictions, and planting patterns. Look for user-friendly farming apps. Too many steps and choices can lead to complications that negate the efficiency you expect from an app. Take time to make some comparisons and get expert opinions. You want the app to perform as expected, reliably.


1. Farming apps put management in your pocket

The AgFiniti App is user-friendly and has a 5-star rating. Your whole farming operation data is right on the screen in front of you no matter where you travel. In addition, it’s easily customized to access the information that matters the most to you in a format of your choosing. This farming app not only provides you with maps, locations, and data summaries in HD, but you can even draw on the maps and interact with specific locations. So, you have the information before you to make farming operation decisions remotely.

When your mobile AgFiniti connects wirelessly to your InCommand, your maps and field data can be downloaded and shared with others and across your additional devices.  View farm operations in real-time and check the statistics. As a farmer, you need to make many decisions that will impact your costs and production. Expert information from an AgFiniti mobile app is like having an extra employee or two.


2. NozzleCalc’s app for spray treatments

If you use TurboDrop and AirMix nozzles sprayers on your farm, Greenleaf Technologies offers a 5-star-rated nozzle calculator app for your mobile device. NozzleCalc is the best farming app for the job. This handy app will allow you to quickly calculate the proper settings for spraying insecticides, weeds, fertilizer treatments, and more. You can even change the spray settings as you go.

NozzleCalc is a highly rated app that is free to download and simple. It will save time and calculate accurately to grow bigger and better crops. Imagine the possible devastation a miscalculation could inflict on your crop production. Any of your farm helpers can achieve precision spray with the NozzleCalc app. If you have questions, there’s even an auto-dial feature that will connect you to a GreenLeaf tech.


3. PickApp when you need to know

PickApp is a simple farming app to use to monitor what is happening with the crops in your fields. If you hire pickers, they will use the app to keep track of their production volume and time. The app can be used to monitor post-picking activities as well. As a result, farmers can monitor time management and adjust for greater efficiency.

All aspects of the growing season can be monitored using PickApp. Data from each user can then be compiled into a database that tells the farmer the size of the crop from each location, the labor required for picking, and all other operations, right through to packing and shipping. Such valuable data allows the farmer to find areas of improvement for a more efficient and profitable crop. Miscalculations could cost you anticipated profits. The PickApp will clarify where waste occurs, allowing you to make the corrections.


4. Stay ahead of pests with AgriSite IPM

The AgriSite IPM App is used for crop management. Using this app, you can map your fields of crops and photograph soil, plants, and pests. The app will connect your field data to a crop scientist or agronomist.

The result is that the farmer can connect with experts right from his field and receive personalized advice about improving conditions and growing bigger and better crops. You have a team of experts on standby, ready to advise. The benefit to farmers using the AgriSite IPM app is that potentially harmful conditions are spotted, identified, and remedied for improved crops and minimized losses. Furthermore, you get to make those decisions based on feedback from experts.


5. Soil monitoring with mobile data collection app (MDC)

Farming apps can also simplify soil monitoring for farmers. For example, the MDC app allows farmers to carry out one of the most critical tasks for growing fine crops. Soil must be constantly monitored for nutrients, moisture, and erosion tendencies. Soil conditions are too important to leave to guesswork. Since soil monitoring is done in the field, the MDC app is a simple tool that allows the farmer to record, organize and save all monitoring data. In addition, historical data is available for comparisons and document trends.


6. Farm App and IoT For smart farms

IoT stands for “The Internet of Things.” The concept connects anything and anyone – plant, animal, human, or machinery – to the internet. Once connected, anything can be monitored and managed from one location using your smartphone. Companies like Farm App use IoT technology to connect farm apps using sensors. For instance, you can place image recognition sensors in your fields and view your crops from wherever you are. You will know if water is needed, pests have invaded, or fertilizer is required.

Sensors attached to farm equipment such as tractors can track service schedules or serve as a GPS for all terrains. Smart Farm apps can help farmers work more efficiently, produce better crops and manage farm operations regardless of climate conditions.


7. Weather apps

Imagine a weather forecast that is not just accurate locally but specifically, using data from your actual farm site. Benchmark Labs offers just such a farming app, and they boast up to 60% greater accuracy than the competition. Weather apps for farmers used in conjunction with the farm’s weather station make planning planting, weather mitigation, irrigation, and labor scheduling more accurate. You can also access historical data specific to your farm location to help you with current projections.

There will be fewer surprises from unpredictable pop-up storms, unexpected frost, or heat waves. In addition, whether to irrigate or not to irrigate is more accurately answered with a personalized weather forecast. Working with the accuracy of a weather app for farmers will save time and improve planning, which often translates into money saved.


What is the best farming app?

There is no best app; they all accomplish different operational efficiencies. Depending on how a farmer wants to introduce technology into farm management, we have concluded that each of the listed apps will serve that farm very well. Farming is hard work, and success depends on so many variables. The best farming apps can give farmers the tools to make better decisions and enjoy the process more.

If you want a reliable app to work with your weather station and deliver customized forecasts, count on Benchmark Labs. Sign up today or contact our team to get a demo.

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